Welcome to a NEW PROCESS for furnishing your home!  

In today's big box home furnishings stores, choices are trendy and limited, quality is poor and profits run high for corporations selling lesser quality merchandise to furnish your home.  The in store decorator gimmick serves the corporation a higher profit by pushing you to buy more of their stuff and everything is an upgraded charge.  By the time you sign on to zero interest for years and your furniture arrives, you realize that you've made a big mistake.  Nothing is returnable.   The furniture may be damaged, the fabric is not what you remembered it to be, the pieces don't match or they match too much.  By the time you have paid off your loan, you are ready to buy more furniture because it is looking worn out or you are tired of it. 

Have you always wondered what it would be like to work with a professional interior decorator, but were afraid of the costs?  Have you seen beautiful furniture in rooms on tv or in magazines and wondered how to get those items?  Have you wanted your room to look the the HGTV reveal without the work of pulling it together yourself?

Follow along as my newest design client to access private furniture lines exclusive to the interior design trade.  Curated Collections is my solution to the retail problem of furnishing your home.  I design each collection as if you are one of my long time design clients. When you buy a Curated Collections room, you are receiving the customization of each piece of very fine furniture crafted and upholstered to my specifications in luxurious fabrics and trims that are only available to the design trade.  Room pricing is inclusive of all furniture items, fabrics, pillows, lamps, shipping, delivery, and taxes. There are no hidden fees.  The fabric colorways are coordinated to create a cohesive home and span many rooms or can serve to mix and match in different rooms.  


Now more than ever it is important to support our fine craftsmanship in American factories to continue the legacy of the furniture making in America. Buying American provides unmatched craftsmanship with high quality materials, consistent lead times and better warranties. 

The rooms you see as inspiration throughout the website are my designs encompassing over 15 years. Sit back, settle in and prepare to be inspired as you browse the room collections and colorways.  Ordering has never been easier and you too can have your instant room tv moment.


Your new room reveal is only weeks away!

Let's get started on how to use my website.

1. From the Collections menu, select your room from the Living, Dining, Sleeping, or Working furniture collections.  Click the image of the collection you are interested in to view a very detailed description of the collection and measurements of what is included.

2. Use the furniture measurements to be sure your space will fit the collection.  

3.  Under the Colorways tab, select the fabric color you would like to have applied to your furniture collection.  No need to stress about what goes where!  This is where I excel and provide all the details to the furniture and fabric manufacturers. It's what my design clients pay me to do so they don't have to!

In addition, the details really elevate the room and make it feel inviting, special and comfortable.

4.  Your two hardest decisions are done!  From the Order tab, specify your Room, Collection Number and Colorway name as you complete the form. Repeat for each collection if you want to furnish more than one room.  That's it!  

5. A Paypal invoice will be emailed to you.  Choose how you want to pay.  (PayPal Finance currently offers 6 months no interest on their website!)

6. You will have to be patient for 8-12 weeks while your furniture is being hand made for you by our American companies.

7. An installation date will be scheduled after your furniture is complete and ready to ship. Our professional installers will move your existing furniture to make room for your new pieces, roll out the rugs, and hang any wall art or mirrors.

Curated Collections is currently installing in the Northeast Florida market, but will expand to new cities in the future.

Schedule that long awaited gathering and get ready to enjoy the comfort, beauty and complements in your new room!