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The light bulb

Updated: Oct 19, 2017

It all began with buying meat in a box....

Really, Lori, what does meat in a box have to do with decorating?

I am always looking for a better way of living, whether it be eating better quality foods, exploring wellness and vitamins, remodeling, entertaining, engaging in a new sport with my boys or homeschooling. I was searching for better quality food because I have a severely food allergic son and I wanted to work with a farm to source more of our food. After searching on the internet, I discovered grass fed beef delivered with dry ice to my doorstep! I can go online at any hour of the day and put together a meat box for my family and never have to leave my home! I also found a produce company that delivers farm fresh fruits and veggies in a box I create and ship once a week too! What a time saver! Oh, and the family could not be happier or healthier! This is the future!

I then began to think about how I could change my interior design business. Over the last 15 years, I worked on remodel jobs and I tired of managing sub contractors. I worked on new homes and found it took 3 years to complete a design and build it before I could begin to decorate. I picked paint colors and freshened up interiors here and there and yet, I was still itching to create and furnish on a much larger scale. I have travelled to the furniture markets yearly and love the beautiful furnishings, yet I can only share the designs with a few clients. I have assembled a wonderful team of craftsman throughout many different companies and I wanted to sell more of their beautiful furnishings, but I was often tied down with hourly work. Being a company of one, there were never enough hours in the day to do it all. After working with a darling young couple, it occured to me to create a starter furniture collection that was of very high quality that they could build upon. We selected a beautiful sofa covered in a luxurious velvet and plush rug. As they could afford more pieces, we added them one at a time. That is how Curated Collections came to be!

Welcome to one stop shopping designed from "secret trade only" resources available to designers!

I designed this beautiful entry in Colorado that shows the details in a custom bench made to order with plush pillows and a luxurious rug! Look for these details in the rooms I curate for you!

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