Choices in Colorways

Having special "to the trade" access to elegant fabrics and trims allows me to create the luxurious rooms you see throughout my website.  Big box retail stores never offer the quality of fabrics that interior decorators do because they like to sell the cheapest fabric for the most money.  What is the result?  Nothing matches and the fabrics wear out quickly so you have to buy another piece of furniture far too soon!  Retailers know this and we fall prey to it.  


Peruse the color palettes below and get excited envisioning your room collections upholstered in these fabric colorways.  Don't stress about the details of what fabrics go on what furniture pieces.  Leave those details to me.  It's what I love to do in creating a beautiful room.  Fall in love with your Colorway below!


Design Details


A well designed room starts with a very durable fabric for heavy use areas.  Add detail with a tape trim on the sofa skirt or a contrast welt to dress it up.  Use a stripe or plaid fabric for an accent chair.  Upholster ottomans in leather or faux leather textures.  A patterned pillow with fringe and trim pulls the design together.  Painted and stained finishes on the wood items in the space add patina that complement the color scheme.  


Ocean Colorway inspired by the sea


This collection features richly woven fabrics that hint of green blue water, yet with an elegant flair.  The textures of these fabrics are luxurious and very soft to the touch.  The taupe pearl vinyl will look great on an ottoman.  The cut velvet echoes the shape of coral reefs and has a beautiful movement in the fabric.  There are two anchor fabrics in a transitional geometric pattern that keep this collection fresh and modern.  The accent of the stripe adds a casual beach touch.  

Mineral Spa

This restful collection features pale blue that is elegant and timeless.  It includes a creamy beige chenille that is a great anchor for a sofa or bench.  Then layered with it is a woven soft blue stripe fabric.  Ottomans covered in the honey snakeskin add texture.  Add the beautiful woven leopard linen printed fabric for accents.  The printed linen makes great pillows to unify the design!  The finishes are very special for wood items in this collection that add patina to the design.  This is a timeless and soothing color palate to enjoy for many, many years. 

Mineral Spa Colorway inspired by the sea
Blue and White Colorway inspired by chinoiserie


This collection features traditional blue that is timeless.  It includes a navy chenille that is a great anchor for a sofa or bench.  Then layered with it is a woven soft blue and cream stripe fabric.  Chairs can be preppy in the plaid or timeless in a solid chenille with a navy band on the skirt,  Add the beautiful woven linen printed fabric for accent pillows with a reverse to a stripe for two different looks!  This is a classic that is sure to appeal to everyone in your home!  


This collection features a rich neutral palette with cream, caramel, and brown with a suprise punch of teal blue.  The neutral main fabric is a luxurious chenille and can be detailed with a teal tape trim.  Accent chairs can be in the traditional plaid while the floral fabric pulls the design together. A synthetic crocodile vinyl adds texture to any ottomans.  The wood finishes add age with the layered patina.   

Teal Colorway inspired by nature and woods
Amethyst Colorway inspired by jewel tones in nature


This collection features rich purple that is elegant and unexpected.  It includes a purple chenille that is a great anchor for a sofa or bench.  Then layered with it is a woven brown and cream plaid fabric.  Chairs can be preppy in the plaid or timeless in a solid chenille with a purple trim on the skirt,  Add the beautiful woven linen printed fabric with rich purple, green and blue for accent pillows to pull the look together!  The brown shagreen vinyl adds texture to any ottomans.  The brown and cream is a classic combination updated with a rich dose of purple chenille to jazz it up! 


This collection features a pewter faux leather that is perfect for a dining bench or living room ottomans.  It is paired with a textured woven creamy velvet to added softness.  The ikat woven fabric will be accent pillows for a bit of contrast and interest to the calming palette.

Neutral Colorway
Black and Tan inspired by classic colors

Black and Tan

This collection features a classic take on your little black dress!  The quilted faux leather would anchor as an ottoman or bench and then the sofa and chairs would be neutral beige with a banding or piping in black for contrast.  Add in the textured woven stripe for classic appeal on accent chairs.  The pop of blue woven fabric adds a bit of softness to the palette.


This collection features a well travelled look.  A classic neutral woven chenille is the anchor for the main upholstery in the space. Add the tortoise vinyl on a pair of ottomans and pillows in the rich red printed linen.  The woven diamonds add a graphic punch. The blue linen can work into the scheme as piping or banding to coordinate the look.  This collection is perfect for the exotic traveller that has a collection of artifacts to display from world travels.

Red Colorway inspired by Exotic Travels